Sedgwick, Wein, and Warhol.

Two Harvard kids gone awry.

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Nov. 11, 1973: “Joe Namath, in furs, and Al Woodall, who came out of yesterday’s game with an injured elbow.” Namath stood on the sidelines as his team played, a shoulder injury keeping him out of uniform. The Jets won the game without him. Victories, the reporter wrote, “come so infrequently these days that each one should be treated with awe and reverence.” Photo: Barton Silverman/The New York Times  

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Raf Simons crying at the end of his last show for Jil Sander

Thanksgiving walk to rock face to watch the sun set.

Arches of Triumph (backyard sculpture by @leisaaccruz)

A belated Christmas present to me?